Let us introduce you
to a Tardigrade.

Well, yes, a tardigrade is a microscopic animal. You can’t see but you know it’s there. Much like our services. This little guy is tough, able to withstand anything and any environment, ok again, like our products. And talk about adaptable, Tardigrades are cute but virtually indestructible, even at the bottom of a deep-sea trench or in the cold, dark vacuum of space. So by now, you see why we are fond of Tardigrade as a name. 

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Client 1

Taylor’s Tire

The Challenge
Their computers were old and slow. They had all their data onsite and no backup system. They hadn’t thought much about data redundancy or what would happen if there were theft or fire. In addition, they were running into bugs with their primary business applications and the developer of that application was not taking their bug reports seriously, instead of blaming the problems on their lack of an adequate IT infrastructure.

Our Solution We migrated their server to the cloud so now their primary business applications run on enterprise-class servers in an enterprise-class datacenter. We converted their PCs into ‘thin clients’ which only serve to connect their mouse, monitor and keyboard to their cloud applications. Once using a modern infrastructure, the developer was no longer able to blame bugs in the software on poor infrastructure and was forced to release patches to fix the bugs.

Client 2

Health Media Network

The Challenge
They were positioned for explosive growth and consulted with us regarding their current computer systems which had been plagued with problems. Aside from using an ad-hoc design with no central management or control they also had no endpoint security, and their computers were riddled with viruses. Their network was using residential-class equipment and their servers were almost at capacity. This was going to seriously prevent growth if not addressed quickly.

Our Solution
The optimal solution for them was a cloud solution that allows for quick, unplanned growth. All their data from their servers and workstations was moved to the cloud. An entire server closet at their office was reduced to a few pieces of network equipment, and their computers were completely wiped and reloaded (due to the virus infestation), thus turned into ‘thin clients’ so that they only served to connect the mouse, monitor and keyboard to their Cloud Desktops. This allowed them to quickly grow from less than 10 employees to more than 50 in just a few years, keeping costs minimal along the way as they only paid for the infrastructure they needed and could add or reduce resources as needed at any time.