Services for power producers

At Daica Commodities, we facilitate the connection between power generators and wholesale energy markets, enabling the widespread adoption of renewables and advancing towards a more sustainable future. Additionally, our portfolio of conventional assets offers the flexibility required to balance the energy demands and intermittency associated with renewable power generation.

Ensuring profitability for your park or plant

We’re dedicated to maximizing the value of energy. With two decades of experience, we comprehend the challenges you encounter as an asset operator or developer. That’s why we provide services aimed at mitigating your risks, streamlining your administration, and ensuring profitability.

Renewables producers

As a prominent player in renewable energy generation, we effectively balance and optimize the variable production output from sources like wind and solar. Leveraging our in-house meteorologists, market analysts, and advanced forecasting models, along with superior market access and 24/7 availability, we ensure you extract maximum value from your renewable assets.

What we Offer

Power Trading

Renowned as a premier power trading entity, our operations extend across 40 countries worldwide.

Gas Trading

Our expertise lies in gas trading along the curve and optimizing flows near delivery points.

Power Production

We introduce renewable energy to the market on a large scale, laying the foundation for better future.

Energy Suppliers

We offer trading and risk management services to utilities and wholesale energy suppliers.

This is us

Analyzing the intricate fundamentals behind a single trade demands unwavering dedication and cutting-edge technology. When considering the 25,000 trades we handle daily, the challenge magnifies. Yet, above all, it hinges on exceptional individuals.

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