IT Services for
Professional Associations

Professional associations play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing among professionals in various industries. At Tardigrade Technology, we understand the unique challenges faced by professional associations. With our expertise and custom technology strategies, professional associations can use technology to help their communities, deliver value to members, and achieve their mission more effectively.

Offer The Amenities That Allow You To Charge More And Increase Occupancy

Our IT solutions for professional associations are designed to address key pain points such as membership management, event coordination, and communication. Our membership management systems enable associations to efficiently onboard new members, manage member profiles, and track membership dues and renewals.

Additionally, our event management platforms simplify the process of organizing conferences, seminars, and networking events, from registration and ticketing to attendee management and post-event analytics.

Managed Network

Managed Network

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Training

Get The Training And Support Your Team Needs To Service Your Communities

Furthermore, our communication tools facilitate seamless communication with members through email newsletters, discussion forums, and social media integration, fostering greater engagement and collaboration within the association community.

With Tardigrade Technology as their trusted partner, professional associations can leverage technology to enhance member experiences, drive organizational growth, and achieve their strategic objectives with confidence.

Design, Protect, And Maintain A Robust Wireless Network

The sprawling nature of apartment complexes and other communities requires planning and maintenance to develop an adequate network.  Tardigrade can help you design a network that delivers the connectivity your residents and employees need to carry out their day to day. We also put in place the cyber security measures you need to keep your network secure and up to date with the latest software and firmware.

The Managed IT Partner You Need To Scale Your Portfolio

Many of the apartments and community associations we partner with manage multiple locations.  Tardigrade Technology provides a virtual CIO for your organization to help advise you on growth needs and potential barriers to scalability. Plan for hardware, software, bandwidth, and other IT needs painlessly.  If you’ve got big plans to scale your portfolio, Tardigrade Technology is the right partner for you.

What You Get When You Partner
with Tardigrade Technology For Your
Apartment Complex's Needs

24/7, 365 REMOTE AND ON

IT support for your community is there when you need it. Call and speak with a technician, send an email for support, or log into your company’s web portal.


Keep your PCs, servers, and mobile devices up to date while maintaining availability with our patch management best practices.


Monthly or on-demand reports help us stay on top of support trends.


When an IT disaster strikes, are you prepared? Rest assured with constant testing of your Disaster Recovery System.


Deliver the connectivity your residents and employees demand with our managed wireless solutions.


Rest easy knowing your systems are always on and always available monitored by our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC).


Keep track of all your IT assets in one easy place. Pull reports at any time to show you what you have and who is using it.


Utilizing a multilayered threat protection system, we’ll keep you ahead of the hackers and malware to secure your sensitive data.


Ensure your data backups run smoothly and that you can rely on them when you need them with our managed IT services.


All accounts are assigned their own consultant who will help with budgeting, new technology initiatives and more to ensure your company is on the right technology path.

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