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You’ve no doubt heard of Microsoft

Microsoft is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the industry, often chosen based on its reputation alone. However, when it comes to making decisions for your business, is this approach truly the smartest?

Selecting the right cloud solution is crucial. Simply opting for Microsoft Office 365 because of its brand name may not be the wisest decision.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

In a nutshell, Microsoft Office 365 takes the Microsoft programs that are popular worldwide like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel, and combines them with the flexibility and accessibility of the cloud.

There are two basic ways that this platform breaks down – the web-based and premium desktop versions.

What Are The Biggest Obstacles To Success With Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft offers a lot of different service plans, that vary in cost and included services, and even the type of included services. They even have tiers of Microsoft Office 365 that are designed specifically for certain industries (such as Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit).

Let’s clear things up – below are some of the most common plan types for Microsoft Office 365, how they differ, and what they include.


Basic Plan

This plan is designed for individuals or businesses that need fundamental tools for everyday tasks. It includes essential applications like email, calendar, and file storage with basic security to keep information safe.

Standard plan

Building on the Basic tier, the Standard plan adds more productivity applications and services. It’s suitable for businesses that require more robust tools for collaboration and communication, along with enhanced security measures.

Premium Plan

The Premium tier is tailored for businesses that need advanced capabilities in productivity, collaboration, and security. It includes everything in the Standard plan, plus additional tools for analytics and more comprehensive support options.

E5 Plan

The E5 plan is the most comprehensive and offers enterprise-level services. It encompasses all the features of the Premium plan and adds advanced security, compliance, and analytics capabilities. It’s ideal for large organizations that require a full suite of services for complex operations.

Is Microsoft Office 365
right for you?

Perhaps not. Depending on your business activities, organization size, budget constraints, and other factors, Microsoft Office 365 may not suit your needs. If you’re uncertain, seeking a second opinion from a forward-thinking IT company like Tardigrade Technology can help evaluate your IT requirements and determine if Microsoft Office 365 is a suitable solution.

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